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Bipin KC, CEO

We are pleased and proud to be able to offer you a pathway to your future career. In the last few years, Nepalese students' requirement for educational consultants has increased significantly because of the advancement and increase in the number of subjects, courses and field that are offered by international Universities. So, e-highway was established by experienced and dedicated professional to address the vacuum of quality educational consultancy in the country. We have expertise in the field of overseas education has made us a time-tested resource in helping so many students to gain admission for recognized Universities, Colleges and private institutes mainly in Australia ,UK, New Zealand, Ireland, Canada and Japan

We have a team of educational consultants thorough which our professionals and pay minute and individualized attention to every student as we believe each student is unique with their own background of strengths, requirements and ambitions. We understand that people come from different education backgrounds and may have different needs and concerns. Our dedicated mentors, teachers and counselors are always at hand to ensure that we give our students and clients the best possible training, advice and guidance throughout their touch at e-highway.

Amita Adhikari, MD

It is my pleasure to introduce E-highway; the road that leads your destination. Professional consulting experience, technical competence, knowledge and skills in consulting process and client satisfaction have made us one of the competent education consultancies in Nepal. Finding the right university and colleges, customized to the needs, talents, and goals of our student, are our first priority which is crucial for their success. Our goal is to find the best university and place to allow our students to realize their full potential. At E-highway, our experts help students and families find the best institutions for the student’s academic and career growth. Once a college or university has been selected, we help our student make their application, including help with essays, interview preparation, grant or scholarship selection, and also help you through documentation, visa assistance, airport assistance, living arrangements. What makes us different from other institutions is, we operate in a very homely environment that each individual is offered a highly customized program suited to a specific kind of student and foster their career.

At last, choosing a right consultancy lays the groundwork for success. Choosing E-highway is one of the best investments you can make in your or your child's future. "Come and Experience the difference!"


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